Essential Agreements

Essential Agreements


Creo los Acuerdos esenciales (Essential Agreements) de mi grupo de Exhibition.

  1. Elaborarán en grupo y a mano, una lista de actitudes que consideren que es necesario que su grupo debe considerar para un buen trabajo en equipo.
  2. Los alinean con los atributos IB
  3. Sus acuerdos esenciales los escriben en forma de oraciones tomando en cuenta su trabajo anterior.
  4. Las tutoras lo revisarán  y se publicarán en este blog (ver parte inferior)
  5. En Publisher crearán un Afiche de esos acuerdo esenciales.


Al escribir en grupo las oraciones pueden consultar estos links

De Arte:




5º A

Group 1:

  • Be COMMUNICATOR listening to others
  • Be BALANCED order your things
  • Be INQUIRERS, always try to learn new things.
  • Be THINKER, think well before acting.
  • Be PRINCIPLED, be honest and fair and respect copyright
  • Be OPEN MINDED, listen to other people ideas.

Group 2:

  • Be COMMUNICATOR listen to others and respect turns for talking.
  • Be CARING when helping to others and empathy.
  • Be KNOWLEDGEABLE when sharing ideas.
  • Be PRINCIPLED avoid laughing and respecting copyright.
  • Be INQUIRER inquiry more.
  • Be THINKER, think before talking.
  • Be BALANCED use time wisely.

Group 3:

  • Be caring, collaborating with my group
  • Be Good Communicator, listen to the members of the group and the mentors
  • Be Inquirer, searching for new information
  • Be Principled, pay attention in your mentor settions, and respecting copyright, respect your classmates and your teachers
  • Be Balanced manage your time and organize your things.

Group 4:

  • Be COMMUNICATOR and pay attention so we learn more and listen to other ideas for all to chair.
  • Be PRINCIPLED respecting copyright
  • Be CARING and help us to work better in groups
  • Be INQUIRY and find good information for it to be correct.
  • Be BALANCED to organize ourselves, manage time for finishing and achieving goals on time.

Group 5:

  • COMMUNICATOR: Collaborate effectively, listening carefully when someone is speaking.   
  • RISK TAKER: Participate more in class with mentors so we would learn more.
  • THINKER: Try to focus on what we need to do, concentrate on what we need to do.
  • CARING:  Try to be kind to the teacher and respect her.
  • BALANCED: We use our time wisely and organized on time.
  •  Be PRINCIPLED respecting copyright

5º B

Group 6:

  • Be BALANCED to manage better our times
  • Be OPEN MINDED accepting the ideas of others
  • Be REFLECTIVE to focus more in the work
  • Be a good INQUIRER investigating with time.
  • Be a good COMMUNICATOR sharing our ideas.
  • Be THINKER participating more in the work.
  • Be PRINCIPLED respecting copyright

Group 7:

  • Be opend-minded respecting and listening others opinions or ideas in class.
  • Be balanced using correctly our time
  • We can be principled being honest and fair with my other teammates.
  • You can be caring when the others need your help, but you have to help them properly.
  • When you inquiry, you have to be curious and search more information about the theme what you have chosen.
  • Be PRINCIPLED respecting copyright

Group 8:

  • Communicator: Listen to other ideas, and express yourself in a clear way to others can understand you.
  • Balance: use time wisely and managed and interested in the work
  • Caring: care about how other people feel and help when is needed
  • Inquirer: Be curious, and ask questions to find out more.
  • Principled: be honest and fair, treat others in a way that you want to treat you and respecting copyright
  • Thinker: think about your work and about how to do your work best

Group 9:

  • Be principled by not taking information of others (copyright)
  • Be reflective managing your time
  • Be respectful listening to others
  • Be caring helping your partners on the work
  • Be tolerant with your partners
  • Be balanced with time to play and time to learn on exhibition.

Group 10:

  • Be balanced by managing the time
  • Be communicator by listening to others ideas
  • Be principled by being responsible and respecting copyright
  • Be caring by helping others
  • Be open minded respecting ideas and opinions
  • Be thinker by organizing as a group
  • Be reflective and enjoy the exhibition

5º C

Group  11

  • Communicator:  We will try to pay more attention.
  • Open minded: We will respect others ideas or feelings.
  • Caring: We will help our group if someone is feeling bad.
  • Reflective: We will analyze all information we find
  • Knowledgeable: In our houses, we will inquire a lot about the topic.
  • Balanced: We will be more organized
  • Principled: We will be honest and fair by respecting author´s copyright and data

Group  12

  • Always respect everyone´s ideas
  • Do your best! , work harder
  • Show commitment in every mentoring session
  • Inquire all the information needed
  • Share ideas, communicate among each other
  • Always be punctual, be balanced

 Group  13

  1. We are principled when we respect copyright and when paying attention.
  2. We are balanced when we work hard and when we take advantage of time
  3. We are good communicators when we listen to others ideas and share ours too.
  4. We are knowledgeable when we work in group, helping each other.

Group 14

  •  Be a good communicator, listening to other´s ideas and sharing my ideas
  • Be caring with others
  • Be balanced over time
  • Be reflective with what we have learned
  • Be open-minded to respect other´s ideas, opinions, and suggestions
  • Be principled when we respect copyright

 Group 15

  • Caring: respect and help other group members.
  • Balanced: meet deadline and compromise to get together and comply with the group
  • Open-minded: listen to the group
  • Principled: Use correctly your information (cite your source)


5º D

Group 16:

  • Caring: we have to respect and help each other to have a good organization in our work.
  • Balanced: regarding time management and not playing in class. Make new things but also with moderation.
  • Inquirer: we give new ideas and intelligent hypothesis asking and answering  questions to search for information.
  • Risk taker: try more things without being afraid of taking new study methods even if we don´t know if it is correct.
  • Reflective: about our mistakes trying to solve our problems by our own.
  • PRINCIPLED: we respect author´s copyright

 Group 17:

We have to be:

  • INQUIRERS:  to search for information about our topic.
  • THINKERS:  trying to solve problems
  • CARING:  to be a better team and try to reach impossible missions.
  • BALANCED:  respecting our time to play and to work.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE : to search for information about our topic in different sources.
  • REFLECTIVE to think about how best we learned.
  • RISK TAKER to take risk in activities and if we make mistakes,  learn from them
  • PRINCIPLED: we respect author´s copyright

Group 18:

  • We have to be
  • Open minded: respecting others´ ideas
  • Balanced to manage our time to play and to work
  • Inquirers:  search for more information in different sources
  • Communicators:  listening to the other people of the group and taking turns to participate.
  • Reflective: Think about the errors we made and try to correct them.
  • PRINCIPLED: we respect author´s copyright

Group 19:

We will be

  • COMMUNICATORS: to share our ideas with others. And to make a good group presentation.
  • INQUIRERS: to be informed about our new topic searching information in different sources.
  • REFLECTIVE: thinking about racism and its impact in the world
  • PRINCIPLED:  for be fair with our thoughts and opinions.
  • THINKERS: trying to solve problems
  • BALANCED:  to manage our time to work and play correctly
  • CARING: sharing our ideas and things with others
  • RISCK TAKER to take risk in activities and if we make mistakes,  learn from them
  • PRINCIPLED: we respect author´s copyright

 Group 20:

  • BALANCED to use our time wisely
  • CARING helping our group during all the exhibition
  • GOOD COMMUNICATORS: we listen to each other’s ideas
  • THINKERS :finding a solution for all the problems of the group
  • INQUIRERS to be informed about our new topic searching information in different sources.
  • PRINCIPLED: we respect author´s copyright