Tripartita 5to inglés


My three-Way Conference
5th  “  “


December 2017

What Area and work did I choose?

(explain the reasons to choose that work and describe the work)

What did I learn or understand?

About the area, like a content of the unit or Math.

Example: I learned that to measure the volumen of a prism you have te measure the height, length and width and multiply.

About you and others. Example: I learned that I need no manage my time better when I am doing a group work.

What skills and attitudes did I develop?

Skills: Communication, Thinking, etc.

Attitudes: Independence, Cooperation, etc.

Mention one or two profile attributes in which I Excel. Why?

Explain with reasons and examples why are

you good in that attribute.

Behavior. Rating myself:

Attendance and Punctuality



Dressing and Grooming

Say If you did it good, excellent or if you need to improve and explain each one with examples.

My strengths are :

Strengths are all the good things you are. Which good characteristics of your personality make you a good person. Mention them and explain.

Example: You are responsible and always do all your homewroks and parctice at home what you did in class.

The most difficult thing was:

In the year 2017, 5th grade, what was the most difficult thing to overcome. It could be academic or personal.


-The most difficult thing was to learn how to raise my hand without interrupting others and wait for my turn.

-The most difficult thing was to learn the multiplication tables

-The most difficult thing was to understand that every person is different and they are not going to act like me all the time

What I like more about fifth grade

Here tell what was your favorite thing about fifth

Grade. Academic or personal.


I loved to make new friends that taught me new things


The thing that I liked more about fifth grade was the different

challenges in the content of the Units.


Next year I have to improve in….

Think about the things you need to do better next year. Academic or personal. Explain.

Example: Next year I have to do a bigger effort to be tolerant with my friends.

Next year I have to be more responsible with my work on class, pay attention and have my desk in order…


To achieve my goal next time I will:

Here write specific actions you are going to do in order to improve what you wrote in the previous slide.


To have my desk in order I will paste a schedule in my desk and follow it every Monday.

To be more tolerant I have to count to 10 before answering something that is not adequate.


Thanks for coming to my conference!